NIRLab - handheld NIR analysis in the cloud

Identify any narcotic substance. Anywhere. In 5 seconds.

Portable and instant AI lab solution for narcotic substances.
Find out immediately what it is. And how much of it is contained.
Your lab for the field.

5 Sec.

until result is displayed


analyzed substances allow precise prediction


known cutting agents are precisely detected

NIRLAB Ecosystem

The NIRLAB system consists of closely integrated components for simple, fast and accurate substance analysis.

One-hand held device that scans any narcotic substance - solids, liquids or powders with one push of a button.
Data collection, data analysing, encrypted data management and reporting. Easy Bluetooth pairing of NIRAPP with the NIRLIGHT.
Hosts the NIRBRAIN, NIRCLOUD and NIRAPP in a high protected environment.
Integrates and automates the process for data collection and evaluates the scanned spectral data of the samples using machine learning algorithms.
LAB Results
Are displayed in NIRAPP and NIRCLOUD: Identification of the substance, quantification of the substance.


Professional near-infrared spectroscopy at the touch of a button.

Designed for use in the field as well as lab
NIRLIGHT is compact, rugged and ergonomic. Also suitable for wet and dusty environments.
No Maintenance
NIRLIGHT does not require any maintenance. A piece of cloth with a bit of ethanol can be used to clean the sapphire glass.
Destruction-free Analysis
Little or no sample preparation is needed. No special training is required. Just point, press and scan.
Long Battery Life
Fully charged device lasts 10 hours of continuous use. NIRLIGHT is easily charged by an USB cable.
User-friendly Interface
Easy to use app. Easy to understand analysis results. Easy and encrypted data management and reporting.
LIVE Database Update
Every analysis is immediately updated to the cloud. The reference library grows with every use.
Convenient wire-less usage
The NIRAPP pairs with NIRLIGHT via bluetooth and communicates with servers via WI-FI or 3G.
Easy download
The NIRAPP is easily accessible via browser or can be downloaded from Google Store and App Store.

Get started

With NIRLAB solutions, we enable professionals to perform NIR spectroscopy.
Take a look at how easy it is.

Basic procedure of a substance analysis
In this tutorial, we show how to use NIRLIGHT together with NIRAPP. Learn how to identify an unknown substance in 5 seconds.

Backed-up by Science

NIRLAB solutions analyze substances using near infrared.
Learn more about the scientific background.

Study Title
Providing illicit drug results in five seconds
How using ultra-portable NIR technology is an opportunity for forensic laboratories to cope with the trend toward the decentralization of forensic capabilities.
Study Title
Handheld near infrared spectroscopy for cannabis analysis
How this user-friendly technique allows acquiring both qualitative and quantitative information about the sample directly in the field of interest.
Study Title
Analyze drugs qualitatively and quantitatively in five seconds
How the use of a portable NIR detector allows an analysis to be performed in less than five seconds, providing users with a near real-time response.


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